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In 2009 Russia banned the importation of kangaroo meat after consistent bacterial E.Coli contamination and human safety fears. Canada has also banned the importation of kangaroo meat.

After 3 years of unrelenting pressure from the kangaroo industry and Australian politicians who support the industry, Russia reluctantly agreed to allow the importation of a very small and highly monitored shipment of kangaroo meat to it's country in December 2012, but this wasn't to last and in May 2014 ASK discovered that Russia had placed yet another ban on the import of kangaroo meat to their country.

According to a Russian Agricultural Department website, Macro Meats, Australia's largest kangaroo meat company, had been on notice for some time prior to May 2014 and was given several warnings by Russia to lift it's 'game' and stop sending contaminated kangaroo meat to it's country. However the kangaroo industry was unable to do this and in May 2014 Russian placed yet another ban on Macro Meats, completely shutting down the kangaroo meat export business to Russia. The ABC reported on the matter widely and you can view some of the news reports below: