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Mill Park Mob

There once was a beautiful mob of 50 Eastern Grey kangaroos in Mill Park, Melbourne. Over the years they became increasingly landlocked by encroaching development until 2009 when they became completely trapped by housing.development and highways, and could no longer get back to their original homeland. More than half of the mob were killed on adjoining roads trying desperately to get home.

By 2009 only 21 kangaroos remained. Wildlife Victoria, Wildlife Rescuers, Help for Wildlife, local schools and residents, and the Australian Society for Kangaroos fought long and hard to save this mob and even offered to relocate them free of charge. However the Victorian Dept Sustainability and Environment refused all offers and opted to leave them there to die.

In late 2009 Wildlife Victoria and Wildlife Rescuers developed a scientific relocation trial in an effort to save their lives and move them to safety in surrounding bushland. The scientific relocation trial was passed by the Victorian Ethics Committee in late 2009 and fulfilled all of the requirements of a safe and humane relocation of this trapped mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Tragically however news was received in January 2010 that the mob was secretly shot on site by the Victorian Department of Sustainability on Christmas Day.

Tragically, this mob was never given the chance to go home.

You can view newspaper articles on this tragedy below.

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Youngster at the Mill Park Memorial