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Peru to allow Imports of Kangaroo Meat?

From Pat OBrien, WPAA: Last week's Wildlife Bytes featured a media story about kangaroo meat imports being possibly imported into Peru. We know that many people wrote to the Peruvian Embassy about this.

As a result of our letters, yesterday I received a phone call from the Ambassador of Peru, Mr. Claudio de la Puente  (  here is is email addy if you haven't yet written!)  He assured me that the decision to import kangaroo meat was not his to make, but his Embassy would strongly present our views and concerns to his Government. See also Russia.

See the link below for the news story:

Either Peru has been conned by the Oz government or there are kangaroo farms we dont know about. As far as I know there is no such thing as a kangaroo farm??

You can also read the report on Diseases in Kangaroo Meat,
by Dr. David Obendorf, BVSc (Hons), B(An)Sc, PhD (Melbourne) Chairperson, Wildlife Advisory Committee.