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Collage of Kangaroos, featuring Tufti

Community Service TV Advertisement

Kangaroo with her Joey

Due to copyright restrictions, we're unable to show the advertisement at this time. We're attempting to secure YouTube rights and once resolved we will reactivate the advert.


ASK would like to thank Voiceless for the grant to fund this Community Service Advertisement and for their dedication, commitment and ongoing contribution towards saving the lives of millions of kangaroos.

We would also like to thank Rob Thomas and management for allowing us to use his hauntingly beautiful song, Now Comes the Night in this Community Service Advertisement.

Due to music licencing agreements our TV ad can only be seen in Australia, we apologise to overseas viewers however please feel free to browse our website to discover more about the plight of kangaroos.

Big thanks to the production team: Moving Stills Production Company, Nick Carrafa and Szumai Anderson.

Produced, written and directed by Fiona Corke and Nikki Sutterby.